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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

"Strong Rich Woman" - Critical Picture Analysis

In this article and write-up, I'm going to be giving an analysis, assessment, approach, and rebuttal towards the statement made on the photo above, in which talks about a strong woman, with it in quote and context says with that being that "A strong woman will never be attracted to a rich man. Instead she will work hard to become rich herself." Before we get into it, let me just first start off by saying that, on the terms of my personal opinion towards the statement, with two-thirds of it I disagree with, whether as with one third, I agree with.

To start off on a positive feedback note, with the part I do agree with, on the terms  of a strong woman never being attracted to a man who is rich, especially and more so on the terms of money, yes, it's true that a strong or for better wording, virtuous woman will never or should never be attracted to a man who is rich, on the terms of just desiring him for his money only. When it comes to looking and seeking for a relationship, even though money is arguably perceived as being an important factor to successful relationships, more so from a woman's perspective on the terms of the fact that  women expect a man to be able to provide financially or to be financially stable, as we should obviously know, however at the same time, she should be attracted to him for him, in which with that we should obviously know as well.

However, when it comes to the parts of the statement that I disagree with, first of all, to start addressing, I would personally like to know what does the person who said the statement mean by being "rich". Even though the average and typical mind will think and assume that means money or linked to money, if you were to be honest and look at it while having a good heart or wise eye, being rich is a broad term and can be applied to anything, more so with it being rich on the terms of personality and character, having a lot to offer internally, mentally and interpersonally, whether it be on the terms of education, knowledge, insight, wisdom, love, sympathy, empathy and compassion, or having a lot of value and worth to you as a person or human being.  That is more so being rich. It's not always about money

Secondly, the next part that I disagree with, going off by assumption, if the person who said or wrote the statement did mean rich on the terms of money, why are they linking being strong to accumulation of wealth and finance. Now, although it does take ambition, determination and drive to get there for some people, especially for people who come from a background of growing up poor and destitute, being rich and wealthy, doesn't really have anything to do with being strong. When it comes to defining being strong or if I were to give a definition of being strong when applying it to life, being strong is more so the case of dealing with and overcoming barriers and obstacles that are in the way of something, enduring a time of hardship and tribulation, and surviving it or not conforming and complying to the normal ways of a community or environment. Now, for the sake of not being misunderstood, I will imply that you do get some people out there who are financially rich and wealthy, that have been in that position from a personal standpoint or in their personal lives, however, not all of them have been in that situation. With some people, due to the type of background they have, they were simply born into being financially wealthy, especially and more in particular if they come from a rich family, but the minute when they get tested to see if they're strong when it comes to the real world  they can't handle it. A perfect example of that being the form of going into debt, being made redundant and loosing all their financial assets to where in which they become poor and destitute. They know what it's like to be rich but yet don't know what it's like to be poor.

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