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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Confidence & Popularity: The Real Truth Behind People Who Are It & Always Have Been It

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When it comes to the terms of achieving success in life and applying that with confidence, popularity and trendiness, with people who have always been confident and self-assured from childhood up to adulthood, at times to the point and extent of where in which they are, become or transform into being very stuck on themselves, full of themselves, cocky, conceited, brash & arrogant, or people who are or were the type of people that are popular and trendy with other people, more in particular during their youth and teenage years, with a lot of them, from what I personally notice, even though some people could disagree, a lot of times, they’re the people that in the end, they end up doing nothing significant with their lives on the terms of it being or doing something leaves a big mark or impact on the world, or that catches the attention of people all over the world, society and a generation, whether it be reaching out to people and touching people’s personal lives, inventing something that transcends the existence of humanity, or being the first person and pioneer of a certain group, minority or culture of people to do something that is unexpected or not typical of them or of human beings, and people all over the world in general to do.

With a lot of them, I notice that they end up doing the normal, typical and expected process and journey of life with that being that they come into the world through their mother’s womb, go to institutions such as school and college to get an academic education, go to university to get a degree, get a job in whatever is that they wanted, enter a relationship, get married, start a family, have children, grow old and then pass away and then leave step for the next generation to come in. However, you then have some of them that become so confident to where in which they literally go through life with the mindset thinking that they can do world-altering or world-changing things, try it and attempt it, and then fail numerous times or constantly, only failing to realize that it wasn’t their calling to do what they were trying or attempting to do to begin with. Some of them surprisingly end up in a dead end and end up doing nothing with their lives. That's the reason of why in which you better be careful when underestimating the people that are quiet, keep themselves away from people to themselves, and tend to be not very good at being expressive verbally, orally or emotionally, because, a lot of times,  it’s them that have been through the most trials and tribulations, experienced the most pain and have seen a lot more things in life that, as a result, end up doing powerful, major and mind-blowing things that shakes up, alters and changes the world catches the attention of a society and a generation because of it.

With that being said, in similar mode of fashion, it reminds of a profound phrase that I once heard, in which said, “Your victory has defeated you”, of in which to interpret it on my own terms, even though everybody will have different personal interpretations to it, applying it to this subject, it basically means that you have gotten so confident to where in which you have become too comfortable, leading you to be complacent. That’s the deal with people who are very confident and popular. With a lot of them, they become so absorbed in their self-esteem and popularity, that they choose to become too comfortable with life, without getting prepared for what life hits them with next.

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Can A Woman Change, Fix Or Improve A Man?

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When it comes to the terms of when people ask the question of whether or not a woman can change, fix or improve a man, and if how or so, in what ways, if you were to be completely and utterly honest, that's a bit of a wide and broad question based on the fact that that can be applied to and looked at in any category, or different and specific dynamics.

Ideally, predictably and assumingly, by looking at the question, it's talking about that happening in relationships or being hypothesized and tested for a relationship, but it can be applied to other areas as well, whether it be marriage, in which if or when the scenario in the question does happen, for some men it does happen in that area, friendships or opposite-sex friendships to be more specific and sound better, association or acquaintance or even parenthood, on the terms opposite-sex relationships with children.

However, to answer the question, yes a woman can change, alter and fix a man where he needs to be, on the terms of developing him and enabling to mature faster than a lot of men or the average man, since girls do mature faster than boys, or women mature faster than men, in a lot of cases and give him insight and knowledge on the terms of emotions and how women will react emotionally towards certain situations and circumstances, more in particular, when it comes to relationships and marriages, or even friendships, since women a lot of times or by nature, are the more emotional being or emotionally guided gender compared to men.

When you look at that in particular, that is and would be more suitable for parenthood, on the terms of a mother, especially and more in particular if she's a single parent raising up children on her own, especially if she has sons, with that being an current existing epidemic in the black community in the US, or the African-American community to be more specific and in particular, on the terms of the fact that a large percentage of young black boys, while also girls, grew up in houses or homes whether the mother was a single-parent, with no meaning or intention to bring up race and ethnicity into the picture and equation and although it’s another topic, but just to put it out there, raising up him or them to be a man that is or has the basic traits that are, a lot of times, seen by a lot of people as being masculine or expect to have when it comes to being the ideal man or male-partner for a woman when it comes to relationships and marriages, such as being responsible, independent, ambitious, disciplined, other than generic traits such as being smart, intelligent and respectful, even though women are capable of being that as well and you have women out there who are that as well, but at the same being sensitive, caring, compassionate, sympathetic and empathetic for people, with them two traits that being something that some, if not a lot of us men aren't very good at doing or being, in my personal opinion, more so coming and stemming off of personal experience, even though some people, men more in particular and also some women, could disagree with that, due to the fact you have some men out there that are very good at being sensitive, caring, compassionate, sympathetic and empathetic.

When you look at that, in a similar fashion, it's like asking the question of whether a single mother is capable of teaching her son how to be a man or with that question, it's in the same proximity as that and it deserves the same answer as to that question, on the terms of the fact, yes a single mother can teach a her son how to be a man, on the terms of teaching him the basic principles of life whether it being him learning how to be strong, independent, focused, but also getting him prepared for the big matrimonial, magnitudinal and important stages of life, with that being relationships and marriages, through teaching him about women, on the terms of what they want and expect from a man as a partner or soulmate, and how they think and act when it comes to certain common situations that they go through and experience.

However, if you were to look at differently, on the terms of certain stages or phases of life that can or will involve women that are capable of changing, fixing, improving or developing a man, going back to marriage, marriage, as I said before, plus parenthood, can alter and transform a man and for some men, if not a lot of them, more particular if they're the type of men that weren't thinking about marriage long-term, it does on the terms of waking up and being aware of what's in front of them and understanding what they have to do in order to stay successful or stable with that being a form of major responsibility, in this case with it being looking after a wife and children.

However, other than that, if you were to apply it to other social dynamics such as relationships and friendships, in those particular areas, it's not fully and completely possible or it’s not a 100% guarantee. The only form of action, tactic or technique, that I personally think a woman can use, do, take or that can work in order to change, fix or improve a man, that I think is or would be the limit for him or the best and appropriate thing to do for him, is the aspect of giving him words of wisdom and encouragement or words of knowledge and understanding to uplift him that can give him that spark or idea to change for his sake, if he’s in or going through a time of despair of hardship, or if it’s the case of where he needs to work on something that is either taking a negative hold on him, hindering him, pushes people away from him, looks bad on him, or gives him a bad reputation or perception of him by people, more in particular if it’s a bad personality or character trait that he has, or one that is seen by people as being unattractive. However, other than that or if looking beyond that, it’s not fully possible for a woman to change a man in that particular aspect.

However, that looking at that in particular, continuing to stay on the positive side, while also concluding at the same time, that shows you that when it comes to advice and help, help can affect and impact anybody, regardless of who is giving it and receiving it, with that including gender, especially if it’s between two people of the opposite sex, in which something that I reckon a lot obviously know, however, they take that fact for granted and not see the full power and depth of it.
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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Honesty, Truth & Criticism: Is Everyone Capable Of Not Handling It Raw, Real & Bluntly?

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When it comes to the terms of HONESTY, TRUTH and CRITICISM, sometimes it's not the case of where in which you're TOO HARSH or CRITICAL to some people. Sometimes, it's the case of where in which people CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH, in which is something that A LOT OF PEOPLE if not EVERYBODY already knows. On the terms of some people not being able to handle the TRUTH, if you were to be REAL and HONEST, EVERYONE, regardless of who are, can be in that position, based off of the fact that we live in a WORLD to where in which PEOPLE are EMOTIONALLY WEAK and tend to BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY HEAR and PEOPLE LIE TO US &' SOCIETY DECIEVES US THROUGH VARIOUS AND NUMEROUS FORMATS
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The Minute You Walked Out The Door: Please Restore Back That Image

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The moment you walked out the door and left my life, was like the once most beautiful, gorgeous, profoundly and precisely perfect image and picture fell of the wall and turned into something wretched and ugly. You are the only solution that can restore that image back in its rightful and deserved place.
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Monday, 3 April 2017

Sex Before Marriage: How Do Christians, Religious People, Spiritual People & People Who Believe In God Handle The Urge Or Temptation In Relationships?

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Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. This is mainly for the CHRISTIANS, RELIGIOUS, SPIRITUAL PEOPLE and the PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN GOD, due to the fact that only YOU GUYS are the most capable of answering this, even though NON-BELIEVERS can put their stance on it too, if they can offer any insight to this that they think is useful. With this, I want you to be 100% thoroughly HONEST with me, especially if it's the case of where in which you have been in situation before, are currently going in this situation or know of somebody who is going through, or being put to the test when it comes to it. ANYBODY can answer it. The question is this:
When it comes to the terms of being a CHRISTIAN, RELIGIOUS PERSON, SPIRITUAL PERSON or a PERSON WHO BELIEVES IN GOD, knowing that you're taught that fornication or sex before marriage, in other words, is WRONG or "A SIN", whether it be by THE CHURCH, THE BIBLE, YOUR PARENTS, ELDERLY PEOPLE, OR OTHER LIKE-MINDED FRIENDS and ASSOCIATES, especially with it being for so long, and knowing that when it comes to relationships, in which is the step or phase before marriage, people say that sex is important for a relationship to successful and last long, if it's the case of where in which you as a CHRISTIAN, RELIGIOUS PERSON, SPIRITUAL PERSON, or a PERSON WHO BELIEVES IN GOD are in a relationship, ideally or expectedly with another person like you on the terms of beliefs and mindset, and especially if it's the case of it being a REAL and MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIP to where in which you both really do LOVE each other have SERIOUS FEELINGS for each other, how do you handle or avoid the temptation of expressing that through having sex with your partner, or just having sex period, in the relationship, knowing that once you do choose to have sex in it, your committing the act or SIN of FORNICATION already?
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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Bringing Back Men Who Treat Women Through These Acts: Will It Ever Happen?

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Now, with this, knowing that it doesn’t apply to all women, but for the ones that it does apply to in this situation, especially and more in particular with the women who ask this, when it comes to the terms of the women who ask about bringing back the generation or version, more rather, of men who treat women in the form of taking them on so-called “real” or “traditional” dates, assuming to places, like a restaurant, cinema or movie theatre, bowling and more, doing respectful or regal acts for them such as acts opening the door for them, whether it be a car door or building door, paying for them on dates, and bring them flowers, especially when it’s for no reason, just to confirm or affirm that, yes, even though some people may disagree, but it the case of where in which where in which men doing that isn’t necessarily popular or common anymore, not to say that all men don’t do, because there are still men that do it, but not many of them do, I think the reason of why in which that is based on the fact that, firstly, speaking on the terms of women, I personally don’t know what it is, but for some reason, and again, this doesn’t apply to all women, but it’s as if some, if not a lot of women, see these men or men that do that as being weak, or not “man” or masculine enough to be with them or handle their ground while being in a relationship with them. It might stem from the case of where in which when women do give men like that a chance and when they do enter relationships with them, they see them as being very easy to get over, disrespect or take advantage of when it comes to getting what they want out of them just due to how nice, tender, gentle or loving-hearted they are, in which, I will have to admit as a man myself that sometimes it can be the case or reality with some men who are like that at times, in which handling themselves out of that situation needs to be a bit of a learning curve for some of them, so due to that, it’s as if not many of them would be taken serious anymore, or given any notice and attention due the fact that that is what they realise about, some, if not a lot of them, and with a lot of men, they realize that, so when it comes to that, in the "male community", they won’t place emphasis on it.

Secondly, it’s also the case of where in which, due to the fact that we live in a world now to where in which things are happening at a very fast pace, as a result, people want to go straight to the point with things and be very direct with things, with a contribution factor to that being that we live in a very entertainment-obsessed society, to the case of where in which people are even pursuing relationships for entertainment and jumping into relationships for entertainment purpose now, the youth and teenagers especially, with that being something that I’ve done a previous video blog on, so doing stuff like that would take too much time or would be too long of a process to try and show a person, or woman in this case since we’re talking men, that you like them or have a desire for them, more in particular, if it’s just the case of where in which you are talking on the terms of just socialising with the opposite gender, especially with men, if you’re talking on the terms of going straight, especially if it’s the case of where in which they want sex, as we obviously know, since men already have a well-established reputation of doing that, even though women can do it too and as well, and it doesn't have to be just sex, with it being others things as well, whether it be money, fame or publicity, specifically when it comes to talking about rich and famous, and more, however, that's another topic for discussion..

Now, if I were to answer the question directly and honestly, on the terms of whether I think men like that will come back or whether I think acts of respect and regality like that will be installed in men’s mindset as the normal way with attracting women or winning women over into relationships, or marriage even? If I were to be completely, but at the same time, brutally honest: Not to say that it’s capable of happening, due to the fact that it but, it will never happen, in my personal opinion. The reason of why I say that is due to the fact that some women will say that or claim that they want that, then next minute, they won't embrace it. Some women, as I mentioned before, will take advantage of a man like that, in which in similar or the same fashion, something that happens when "GOOD" men or men being too nice gets brought up for discussion, again as I mentioned before, so in that case, it will just be the same cycle on repeat, meaning we will be back to this position of where we are now, with the fact being that it’s not appreciated anymore or popular to do anymore. Besides, it’s also the case of where in which, no meaning to hurt anyone's feelings or offend anybody who is reading this right now, especially if you’re a woman reading this, but if you were to be honest and real, some of women don't deserve a man like that  or to treat them like that based off who they are as a person or based off of their character and personality, especially if it’s the case of them being they type of women that are unloyal, unsupportive or unappreciative and they probably wouldn't even treat him or cater to him right in the relationship

With that being said, just to add in closing and again, with no meaning to offend or disrespect you, especially if you’re a woman but, with this society, especially for us men, because I think us men need to take heed and account more, even though women themselves do is as well: We need to stop this behaviour of where in which we overlook and ignore the bad that women do and stop putting women on pedestals too much, to where in which we treat all of them as if they’re perfect and can do no wrong, and stop telling to ourselves that all women deserve men who treat them right and respect them just based on the fact that they’re women alone, because not all of them do, based off of who they are as a person and how they treat men.

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