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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

My Apporach Towards Dr Umar Johnson's Stance On Interracial Dating, Interracial Relationships & Interracial Marriage

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If I'm completely and utterly honest, even though I respect him on the terms of what he's doing for the black community, that's the only place where I really radically and aggressively disagree with him and have an issue with him, based off of the fact who is he to say who I should or shouldn't date, be in a relationship with or marry. It's my life, my freewill and my choice. Who is he to also say that I don't have a right to be called or seen as a "MAN" just because I date outside my race? It's also the case of where in which I feel as if he is being very bias and non-objective with his view on it based on the fact that never gets on Black Women's case of contribution towards Black Men dating and marrying outside of their race, based off of the fact that he doesn't talk about black women causing black men to go outside the race due to the fact that a lot of them prefer "thugs" or men with a very roughneck demeanour when they're younger, and don't value the supposed "Good" men on the terms of the fact that they are nice, loving, respectful and ambitious, so due to that, Black Men who are like that end up dating, being in a relationship and marrying outside of their race as a result, due to the fact that women of other ethnicities appreciate them more unlike Black Women, so in reality he needs to be getting on their case because they give contribution to it, instead of just jumping down on us Black Men's case. He only gets on Black Women's case on the terms of them teaching their sons to find European centric hair attractive more than their nappy or natural hair when they're younger, in which instils in them the belief that European centric hair, in which is something that white women have, is more attractive, in which isn't enough in my personal opinion

Another thing as well is that he needs to stop comparing us Black Men of today to the Black Men of years or even generations back. He always does that when the topic comes up for discussion. What does the Black Men of the civil rights era and the Black Men of slavery have to do with us Black Men of today's society and today's generation. We're not them and they're not us. Stop treating us like we're then. Times are different now. Get over yourself
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Relationship Advice To Women, PT2: Never Equate Confidence & Self-Esteem To Protection & Security From A Man

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In this article and in this write-up, with it preceding to the previous one that I wrote on here before on this same and exact topic, and with it being unexpected as well, I'm going to be doing what the photo entails in which is to give women relationship advice that I feel as if will be very useful and beneficial for them to take heed of for the future.
Now, just to refresh people's memory and for those of you who are reading this now who didn't or haven't yet come across or even read the first and previous write-up of this and linked to this, in that write-up, in brief summary terms, I talked about how when searching and looking out for a relationship or a potential partner and mate, women should avoid going for and giving time to men who are overconfident in themselves, men who are very arrogant, boastful and prideful of themselves, and men who are very playful and flirtatious them with the reason being that when it comes getting into and entering relationships with them, or more so when the relationship get tested and goes through its turbulent times, a lot of times, they won't be the men that can do what they're naturally supposed to or be expected of doing generically speaking, with that coming in the form of being loyal to them, being faithful to them, being emotionally available and supportive of them, being advisory of them, being able to protect them, being able to provide for them, and being able to be a leader for them and guide them in a relationship.
Now, in this write-up, with this being something that's on my mind heavily, staying on the topic of confidence and self-esteem and using it as the basis for this, to go a little bit more in-depth with it, even though this doesn't apply to all women, with the fact being that this is coming from my personal observations and from what I've personally noticed, although some people could disagree with this and argue against, in which I don't have a problem with, but when talking to, communicating with, having conversations and discussions with, or hearing women talk about the traits and qualities that they like or desire in a man, more in particular when it comes women saying that they want a man who has a high level of confidence or a high level of self-esteem, of in which as I said in the last and previous write-up, is a trait that women find very attractive in a man and that women expect us to have when it comes to catching their attention, there tends to be a common pattern or continuation, in which I would and now personally label as being a misconception, of where in which I hear a lot of them, if not most of them link it with the trait of protection and security, on the terms of the fact that straight after saying that, they'll say, mention or claim that they want to know that they can you keep them protected and secured. In basic terms, a lot of women while also some men being influenced by that have created this formula or equation of where in which they correlate confidence and self-esteem with protection and security, meaning that they think that the more confident a man is, the more likely he is to keep them protected and secure in all or every aspect of a relationship, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, socially, or even sexually.
Ladies, I'm here to tell you that that isn't the case and that is further from truth. Even though there's a small molecule of a correlation of it based on the fact that you do need a degree of self-confidence to get through a lot of things, if not everything in life, whether it comes in the form of being successful in school, university, job, work, healthy friendships, personal goals and more, you need to get and understand the obvious fact that self-esteem and security are two different things that don't go hand in hand. There is not much of a correlation between a person's level of self-assurance and their ability to keep you safe. Just because a man or a person period is very confident and self-assured in himself or themselves, that doesn't mean they have the ability to keep you guarded and grounded in every way possible.
Applying that to women and them pursuing relationships with men, you have men out there who are and appear very confident, if not overconfident and have a very high level of self-esteem, but yet they on the terms of their personal lives, they don't have a job, they live with their mother and/or father, they're still living off their parents, they're very uneducated, when it comes to women all they just do is play their emotions, take advantage of them, use them abuse them and then disregard them and then you have men out there who when looking at them or by looks of it, don't really seem very confident in themselves based off of the fact that they're very introverted, in which in some cases is a bit of a common judgement and perception that introverted people in general get and recieve, with that including women as well, and they don't seem to really have much of a social life and that big of a social circle, but yet they're stable and they have their stuff together on the terms of the fact they're very independent, they're very responsible, they have a job and work, they're very educated and well-informed, they're very wise, they're very selfless and considerate when it comes to other people, especially with women, they're very understanding, they know what it takes cater to a woman and how to treat a woman and so on forth. So in basic terms, never link and correlate the two when looking for a man. They are two completely different things.
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A Letter To My Future Wife

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Dear Future Wife, 

I'm sorry to inform you about this but if you are out there in existence, I want to let you know that in all honesty, I'm turned off and turned away by meeting you and jumping into the potentially life-changing phase of marriage with you, based off of the way people are in this world and this society, especially and more in particular with people of your gender and sex, with no meaning or intention to come across as if I’m being  misogynistic, anti-female or sexist, or for it to be perceived as if I have some sort of deep-seated disdain, resentment or animosity towards women. The fact of the matter is that, a lot of people of your gender and sex are giving you a bad name for me personally, and I don't want that to affect my decision in looking for you, searching for, finding you and then eventually and marrying you, however the urge to go down a different route of life other than marriage is starting to gradually grow on me. This is just to tell you that there is a strong likelihood and possibility that might end up going my own way, meaning that we may end up never meeting each other, and if it's the case of where in which you end up feeling lonely, miserable and depressed because of this, then I'm deeply sorry and remorseful because of it.

Yours Sincerely

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Question For Women: Does Confidence & Self-Esteem Equate To Protection & Security For A Man As A Partner?

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Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. This is mainly for the WOMEN in the group, but the MEN can chime in and put insight from OUR perspective if they feel wise and knowledgeable enough to. Without further ado, the question is this:
When it comes to RELATIONSHIPS, knowing that a lot of YOU WOMEN place emphasis on being with a MAN who is able to keep you PROTECTED and SECURE in a lot of areas if not ALL areas of a relationship, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, socially or even sexually, and knowing that when it comes to being attracted to men, one of the MAIN THINGS, if not the MAIN THING that has to make a man stand out is CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM according to you women as well, do you think that there is a strong or definite link between the two, on the terms of the fact that do you HONESTLY believe that the more CONFIDENT a man is, or the more SELF-ASSURED he is, the more likely he is to keep you PROTECTED, SECURE and VERY WELL GROUNDED?
The reason of why I'm asking this is based on the fact that from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and PERSONAL OBSERVATION, when talking with WOMEN or when hearing WOMEN speak out on what they desire in a MAN, whenever they bring up the trait of CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM, a lot times straight after it, they mention the fact that they want to know that us as MEN can keep them protected and secure, assuming that confidence and self-esteem is interlinked and correlated with that.
Ladies, do you think that is the actual case and if so, how do you think the process for it goes exactly?
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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

"Strong Rich Woman" - Critical Picture Analysis

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In this article and write-up, I'm going to be giving an analysis, assessment, approach, and rebuttal towards the statement made on the photo above, in which talks about a strong woman, with it in quote and context says with that being that "A strong woman will never be attracted to a rich man. Instead she will work hard to become rich herself." Before we get into it, let me just first start off by saying that, on the terms of my personal opinion towards the statement, with two-thirds of it I disagree with, whether as with one third, I agree with.

To start off on a positive feedback note, with the part I do agree with, on the terms  of a strong woman never being attracted to a man who is rich, especially and more so on the terms of money, yes, it's true that a strong or for better wording, virtuous woman will never or should never be attracted to a man who is rich, on the terms of just desiring him for his money only. When it comes to looking and seeking for a relationship, even though money is arguably perceived as being an important factor to successful relationships, more so from a woman's perspective on the terms of the fact that  women expect a man to be able to provide financially or to be financially stable, as we should obviously know, however at the same time, she should be attracted to him for him, in which with that we should obviously know as well.

However, when it comes to the parts of the statement that I disagree with, first of all, to start addressing, I would personally like to know what does the person who said the statement mean by being "rich". Even though the average and typical mind will think and assume that means money or linked to money, if you were to be honest and look at it while having a good heart or wise eye, being rich is a broad term and can be applied to anything, more so with it being rich on the terms of personality and character, having a lot to offer internally, mentally and interpersonally, whether it be on the terms of education, knowledge, insight, wisdom, love, sympathy, empathy and compassion, or having a lot of value and worth to you as a person or human being.  That is more so being rich. It's not always about money

Secondly, the next part that I disagree with, going off by assumption, if the person who said or wrote the statement did mean rich on the terms of money, why are they linking being strong to accumulation of wealth and finance. Now, although it does take ambition, determination and drive to get there for some people, especially for people who come from a background of growing up poor and destitute, being rich and wealthy, doesn't really have anything to do with being strong. When it comes to defining being strong or if I were to give a definition of being strong when applying it to life, being strong is more so the case of dealing with and overcoming barriers and obstacles that are in the way of something, enduring a time of hardship and tribulation, and surviving it or not conforming and complying to the normal ways of a community or environment. Now, for the sake of not being misunderstood, I will imply that you do get some people out there who are financially rich and wealthy, that have been in that position from a personal standpoint or in their personal lives, however, not all of them have been in that situation. With some people, due to the type of background they have, they were simply born into being financially wealthy, especially and more in particular if they come from a rich family, but the minute when they get tested to see if they're strong when it comes to the real world  they can't handle it. A perfect example of that being the form of going into debt, being made redundant and loosing all their financial assets to where in which they become poor and destitute. They know what it's like to be rich but yet don't know what it's like to be poor.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Insight For Men On Not Getting Married: One Potential Disadvantage Towards It

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When it comes to the terms of marriage, even though or despite the fact we live in a society to where in which people don't value and embrace the real and true meaning of it as once before or compared to years and decades back, and although it's the case of where in which you have people out there that aren't really open towards it on the case of accepting as the next phase or a future endeavor and prospect of life, looking at that specifically from a gender standpoint,  when it comes to men being in that predicament or having that exact feeling and intuition as I described it, in which is unsurprisingly common among the male gender and sex, or within the male population and male community, and taking into consideration the fact that there now is a gradually growing epidemic of where fewer men are now becoming less intrigued or already have became uninterested in marriage now in the time that we currently live in, as according to certain studies, due to the fact that they realize or feel as if there's no benefit or favor for them due to the fact that they feel as if some women will only care about the benefits that they want, without taking them into consideration, or too much liability and legal responsibility will be placed on them and not as much on the woman, especially when it's not necessary, with that a lot of times being given more so from a financial, economical, governmental or judicial perspective or the reasons that men who feel that way, more in particular with the typical minded ones, give being based on that in a lot of times, while also some social and interpersonal reasons being blended into it and giving contribution to it as well at times, looking at it on the flip-side, or in other words looking at the other side of fence, if it's the case of where in which some people, men especially and more in particular, feel as if there are advantages to not getting married or better off not jumping into marriage, in which for some people there might be or could be the best option, on the terms of the disadvantages towards it, in which some might believe that there isn't, just to state, pick out, identify and explain one of them, although this can apply to women as well that are in this situation, and to bring in the aspect of spirituality and God for those of you who believe in it that are reading this right now, due to the fact that it's very applicable to that dynamic as well, if it's the case of where in which you're a man that God has called you to be a leader or you're that type of man that has shows, and demonstrates strong, vivid and innate leadership traits, if it's the case of where in which you know God has called you to build up, create and establish a platform or in Christian words, "ministry", of where you reach out to people, help people and deliver people out of their issues and problems that they deal with struggle with on a daily basis in life, touch, impact and change lives, or if you have the passion to do that and you have the idea of turning that passion into a business, company or organization that has the purpose, intent, aim and objective of doing that, and if it's the case of where in which God has called you to be married or you know you're supposed to get married but you don't want to, because believe it or not, there are some of you men out there that are like that, as result, you and your business or ministry will be at risk of having a hard-hitting effect of where in which you won't be as useful, sufficient, effective, influential and powerful as it's meant to be, as it has the potential of being or as God has called it to be. The reason of why I'm saying that is based on the fact that if or when it's the case of where in which you do build a platform, business or ministry of helping people, touching people and impacting people's lives, six to nine times out of ten, you are going to be helping people in many different aspects of life, meaning that you're are going to be touching on many topics that they need enlightenment, guidance, truth and revelation on, with arguably one the most common topics of all time that people might, want or actually needing that on being marriage, and if it's the case of where in which you're not married yourself, you won't be able to relate to them that much due to inexperience and as a result, you could potentially loose your following or audience due to that and people might not take you serious because of it. Another thing as well is  that taking the age factor into consideration, if it's the case of where in which you have fully built your ministry by an appropriate, suitable and mature age and if it's the case of where in which you're ready to function and be fully active in that, more likely on the terms of age group that you're audience will be in that needs guidance in that area, it will be around the estimated age range of 25 and over, and if you can't relate to them on that aspect, nothing effective will happen when trying to reach out to them to help them in that specific area. Another thing is that, to back up my point, when you look up at the men who are globally and universally respected seen as being role models, leaders and people who are or have significant influence and that have impacted and touched people's lives, a lot of times, they're married. That basically means that marriage not only validates your calling as a man of greatness, but also your business, organisation or ministry as a whole. If you don't, you and it will be lacking in that area. The more daunting thing about this is that I'm also talking to myself while saying this as well.
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