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Monday, 22 May 2017

Relationship Advice To Women: Avoid "Overconfident" Men

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In this article or in this write up, I am going to be doing what the photo entails in which is to give women relationship advice that I think will be very useful and beneficial to take heed of for the future. Now, if I were to be honest, with what I'm about to say, it shouldn't be anything of deep, major or powerful revelation and insight, plus I don't want people reading this to treat it like that, women in particular, meaning that in reality, it should be common sense and common knowledge and people should know this, women especially and more in particular due to the fact that, it's them that end up being in this situation a lot or quite often from my personal observation, more than men, but they tend to still not catch on to this, get this, understand this and comprehend this. The piece of advice that I have to offer is this:
To the women that are reading this article or write-up now, let me first start off by saying that there's nothing wrong with being attracted to a man who has confidence in himself or that is very self-assured in himself and as men, when it comes to catching your attention, standing out from the crowd of other men or being in relationships with you, you expect us to be that and have that.
However, when it comes to the terms of a man being very confident and assured in himself to the extent where you would consider him to be conceited and arrogant, with other aspects of him coming in the form of where he's very trendy, materialistic competitive with other men when it comes to other women and playful, with that being the type of some women out there like, believe it or not, let me just say this to you: don't bother pursuing relationships with these men or little boys or more rather who can put so-called in informal wording "play" or "game"on you. The reason of why I'm saying that is because with men like that, if you do manage to get and enter a relationship with them, they will be the same men that, when the storm hits the relationship, when stuff hits the fan gets serious for you, and when the relationship gets put to the test, in which for a guaranteed fact is going to happen due to the fact that every real and true relationship is going to go through that, in which again should be something that people should obviously know, they won't be able to be loyal to you, they won't be able to be faithful to you, they won't be able to know how to give you wisdom knowledge, understanding and encouragement to uplift you and they won't be able to know how to emotionally support you and be emotionally available for you. They'll be so lost and confused in that area or dynamic, they won't know what to do. They won't even know how to lead you or be your protector and provider in the relationship
Here's a little secret: With the men who are willing to be your leader, protector, provider, loyal partner, faithful partner, wisdom-filled partner, encouraging partner, uplifting partner, knowledgeable partner, advisory partner, emotionally supportive partner and emotionally available partner, they won't be the men that appear to you with ease and simplicity. Instead, they'll be the men that are building up and waiting for that right moment to approach, of in which, the reason for that, at first sound or first hearing, might be low self-esteem, in which might be the case in some instances, in which a reason for part of that, looking at it on wide social scale, is due to the fact that men who are good, decent, loving and respectful, to an extent, aren't really valued that much, even though that can applied to people in general, it's not. It's called taking time and waiting for the right moment
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Female Leadership In Society: My Honest Approach Towards It

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When it comes to the terms of female leadership or in other words, women being in, functioning in, being active in and acquiring the roles of leadership position, power and head authority, in which, arguably, with that being something that we're starting to see take place very vividly today in society, if I were to be completely and utterly honest, with this surprisingly being something that is coming from the heart, however yet, unsurprisingly that some, if not a lot of men, probably won't or wouldn't have the courage or audacity to say, admit or go forward with due to the fact that it requires a lot of humility to say it, even though at the same time, speaking from the perspective of a man myself, it is hard to admit and I don't want to sound as if I'm trying to boost up female ego or as if I'm trying to worship, idolize or crave for the attention of some women, in which is something that the men that are reading this article now might think, due to the fact that I'm not, but when it comes to that being something to exist, manifest and come to pass competently, with me personally, I don't have an issue with or anything against a woman being in a leadership role, regardless of what it is whether it's the form of her being a CEO, general overseer, chief or head executive, manager, head teacher, principal or anything else along those lines and in that fashion and subjecting myself to it. If it's the case of where in which a woman shows and presents herself to be an outstanding, fantastic or exceptional leader through the form of her possessing and demonstrating the required skills for it or the skills that are very important, needed and vital for the role, with examples of that such as communication on the terms of her being able to talk to people well or actively, and as a result she's able to build up good rapports or relationship with people, to the result of where in which she has a good reputation with the people in her community on the terms of whether people see her as being trustworthy, reliable, dependable responsible and more, experience on the terms of her being in a certain place for a certain period of time, ideally or preferably a long time or long enough compared to the average person or a lot of people around her, meaning that she has been in or seen the environment or community that she's in in its past state, current state and has ideas for its future state, to the case of where in which she is knowledgeable enough and comprehensible enough to be aware of what is, what was and what is going on around her and the place, community and environment she's in or it being the case of where she knows how things operate, direction and navigation, on the terms of fact she's very good at giving people instructions and telling them what to do correctly, assertive and protective, on the terms of the fact that she actually cares and worries herself about the health, safety, security and well-being of the people on her team, cabinet, community or organization due to the type of environment they're in, and finally, as a result of that, if she's advisory and encouraging on the terms she knows how to make a person or her whole team, party, cabinet, community or organization feel better or to not feel discouraged after a good, bad or negatively hard-hitting situation or circumstance takes place compared to my myself, other men or other people in general with that including other women as well, then out all due honor, respect and sense and for the sake of cooperation, progression and development, for me personally, it's best to let her take the driver's seat or controller's seat and me take the back seat or passenger seat, and again, out of all respect, dignity and integrity, I would happily be there at her service, meaning that whatever she wants, instructs or commands me to do, I'll follow it and obey it, with the response to it being in quote "Yes Madame" or "Yes, Ma'am" as in homage to her position
However, the only place of where it can become a problem or an issue is, and this can apply to anybody man or woman, and to any situation in life or society other than just leadership, if it's the case of where in which she lets the position get to her head, to the point of where in which she misuses or abuses her power, with that coming in the form of where in which she becomes big-headed and arrogant and mistreats people on her team on the terms of her disrespecting them, insulting them, being verbally abusive towards them, treating them with injustice or unfairly, under-utilize them, unappreciative towards them, ignoring them or treating them as if they're inferior or less than. For some women, especially the ones who were taught how to be "strong" and independent from a certain period in life, whether it being during childhood or teenage years, and it being taught by their mothers, fathers, relatives, elders, mentors, role models and more, or trained themselves to be that way, might or probably will be easy for them to do that based on the fact that they've never had or experienced power, due to the fact that in this society that we live in, we're always taught that it should be men on top on the terms of leadership position, power and authority and women should be be below on the terms of being in roles or positions that are subservient, submissive or less powerful, or the fact that that trend has existed for centuries or since the beginning of time, but now it's time to end that long-existing trend and generate a new trend with that being seeing women in leadership roles and positions, or as if some people feel that way with that being a trend that should exist in this current society
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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Response To Woman With Bad Personality & Character

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Hey, you okay? Sorry for the long reply and sorry that I haven't spoken to you in a while. ......, to be blunt and get straight to the point, I know you like me, want to date me and want to pursue a relationship with me, but if I were to be completely and utterly honest and upfront with you and to speak my mind, with this being something that I've been prolonged in thought with or thought long and hard about over recent time, I'm sorry to say this or to hurt your feelings, but I don't feel the same way about you in mutual regard or mutual respect and I don't want to bother going down the route of dating you or pursuing a relationship with you. Please don't take this the wrong way as if I'm being critical and judgmental towards you, jumping to conclusions or making invalid and fallacious assumptions about you, but the reason of why I feel this way and the reason of why I'm making this decision of not choosing to date or pursue a relationship you, is based on the way I've seen you treat people, especially people that I know and that I'm very close friends with, one of them recently being the subject or target of your mockery and treatment . I'm sorry but I don't want to be affiliated or be in the presence of a person who is disrespectful, rude and judgmental towards other people based off of their looks and physical appearance and a person who comes across as being a bully. No meaning to sound insulting or to cause offence and no meaning to sink down and stoop low to where I sound childish and immature, but I don't know who you think you are to judge a person based off their physical appearance, trying to knock down their self-esteem, when you're not all that attractive as you think you are. It shows a lot about who you are as a person. Anyway, other than that, I'm sorry to inform you that, not only the date I was planning to go on with you has now been cancelled, but on a professional circumstance, I have also terminated your contract and excluded you out of the business venture and endeavor that I had originally planned to do with you, in which would have made you lots of money as a result, and have gotten ..... as your replacement due to the fact that I feel as if she's more worthy than you. This should probably teach you to be aware of and take into consideration the fact other people that are watching and observing you when you treat other people in a certain way, regardless of whether it's good or bad, especially the people who could have been very beneficial to your life if you noticed them, met them and got to know them properly. Again, no meaning to be rude or sound rude, but as a favor, could you please do me the inquiry of not texting me, not calling me or talking to me ever again, please. I wish you all the best in life. Kind Regards. Emmanuel
P.S If you see this as the case of me being unfair or mean, my response to that is that I see it as the case of where I really don't care and couldn't care less
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Supportive & Assisting, However, Inept To Uplift, Encourage & Supply Words Of Wisdom: Is It Still Worth It?

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Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. This is a very simple question compared to the ones that I've asked compared to the ones that I've asked before, if not one of the most or the most simple question that I've asked. This applies to ALL OF US as INDIVIDUALS and to our PERSONAL LIVES, REGARDLESS of who we are, but what I'm going to be doing is linking it up and in with the SOCIAL DYNAMIC and AREA of RELATIONSHIPS & FRIENDSHIPS. Some of you have probably experienced this before, with it being a common thing to experience in both areas of relationships and friendships, and although it is something that people out there go, people don't really or necessarily PERCEIVE it in this way, bring it to light, question it, assess it or evaluate it. If or when it does get brought to light, there's a bit of an ongoing debate about it on the terms of the fact that some people say yes and then some people say no. Without further ado, the question is this:
When it comes to the terms of us as human beings and us as people, knowing that we're all going to go through certain period of hardship, tribulations and rough times INDIVIDUALLY, applying the aspect of going through that while simultaneously being in a relationship or friendship even, due to the fact that it's very applicable to that as well, would you or do you think it's still worth it to stay in a relationship or friendship, with a person who stands by your side with you to the very end, supports you and assists you with managing to get through and endure your situation or circumstance, but doesn't know how to uplift you or encourage you to make you feel better about it?
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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Christianity vs. Islam: Which Religion Gets More Respect Off Of Society?

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Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind. Now, even though this is for the RELIGIOUS, SPIRITUAL and PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN GOD, especially for CHRISTIANS, with this, I'm going to be bringing up another religion into the picture and equation, with that being the religion of ISLAM. Now, even though I know that we're not supposed to be putting certain and specific religions in a box of COMPARISON, or in a COMPETITIVE PREDICAMENT and DYNAMIC, and when asking this I don't mean or cause offence to both CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS to the extent of where I cause there to be animosity, disdain, resentment and animosity between the two groups, or even though I know that it's the wrong and inappropriate thing to do, this is just something that I've personally seen and noticed over the years or over my years of life, however if you disagree with me on this and think you can easily refute this, in which will be possible and is something that I personally don't have a problem with, it's fine. If it's also the case of where you think the answer to this is COMPLETELY OBVIOUS, please do tell me the answer for this. Without further ado, the question is this:
When it comes to the terms of the religion of ISLAM, for some strange and abstract reason, I notice that when some or certain NON-BELIEVERS get approached by it or seem to be interested in LEARNING about it or intrigued by it, there's something that makes people RESPECT it a little bit more, DRAWN to it a little bit more and GRAVITATE to it a little bit more, almost to the extent of where it PERSUADES and CONVINCES THEM to join the religion of ISLAM and convert into becoming a MUSLIM. On the other hand, with CHRISTIANITY, mind you, taking into consideration the fact that it is the BIGGEST and MOST POPULAR RELIGION in the WORLD, with that meaning it's BIGGER THAN ISLAM itself on the terms of the amount of followers it has, even though on the same notion, ISLAM is just behind CHRISTIANITY,with it being the SECOND LARGEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD on the terms of the amount of followers it has, I don't really see it that much.
If that's the case of where you see that too or notice it as well, do you think that there's something that ISLAM or MUSLIMS are doing right that CHRISTIANITY or CHRISTIANS aren't doing or doing wrong, on the terms of SAVING PEOPLE FROM THE WORLD and BRINGING NON-BELIEVERS TO GOD or do think both CHRISTIANITY and ISLAM are in the SAME BOAT or SAME FIELD as each other on the terms of people or society having an issue or problem with religion PERIOD, regardless of which one it is, in particular?
If so, what do you think it is?
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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Intelligence & Morals: Critical Picture Analysis

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In this article or in this write up, I am going to be giving a critical analysis, approach, refute, rebuttal, response, input, intake and opinion on a photo that I came across months ago that triggered and provoked some thought in me. To give away the basis or foundation of this, to state the obvious, or to describe the photo, with it being the one above, the photo above entails in caption the statement quoting "With so many things coming back in style, I can't wait until morals and intelligence becomes a trend again".
Now with this picture or photo, on the terms of the analysis that I'm going to give, I'm going to dissect it and break it down into three categories, sections or points or to sound more mathematical, on a ratio, percentage and fraction scale, I disagree with two-thirds of the statement, whereas, with a third of it I do agree with. The first part of the statement, with this being the part that I radically and aggressively disagree with the most or more compared to the other part that I feel disagree with, and the part that I feel mutual and equally yoked on when it comes to disagreement is the part of the statement that says in quote "With so many things coming back in style". With this statement, I utterly disagree with it on the terms of the fact that I think it's completely false and inaccurate.
By looking at the statement, ideally, assumingly, predictably or hypothetically, the person who wrote or said it is talking about things going back to being in a positive, productive, well-civilized, ordained and purpose-functioning state or condition. If that is the case, they need to be more specific and give examples of that to back up and edify what they're trying to imply, due to how broad the statement is. However other than that, my intake on that statement is that, with it, the person who said it or wrote it, if they actually believe in that and actually think like that, then they're in a false sense of reality or not living in the real world and need to wake up, smell the coffee and stop daydreaming, with no meaning or intention of offending the person or sounding rude, insulting, or disrespectful towards them, due to me being in the opposition of that statement or belief.
To get to the point, my stance on that part or segment of the statement is that things are going back, however, to complete the term in full fix and full swing, they're going in a negative or backwards direction. To describe it in basic words, we basically live in the time and "era of degeneration" to where a lot, if not many things are losing authenticity, substance, essence, value, meaning and purpose. With that, I can give you many examples, such as that taking place within popular and highly common interpersonal topics that get discussed by people all over the world and daily, as in relationships on the terms of a lot, if not them being very successful anymore on the terms of people either doing the wrong thing in it, or basing it off and getting in it for the wrong reasons whether it being sex, money, entertainment, in which I’m going to get to and explain later on towards the end of the article, fear of experiencing and succumbing to the effects of loneliness, peer and parental pressure and more. Marriages, just like relationships on the terms of people not valuing the real and true meaning anymore, to the extent of where in which people don’t include in their long-term life goals anymore, although with it, it is a personal choice and not many people are open towards it. Sex, on the terms of living in society to where people are becoming very hyperactive in it now, so much to where in people base their whole relationship or marriage even based off it, with that being one of the things that I mentioned before. Love, on the terms of the fact that not many people really walk in it, not knowing how to do it or not knowing what the real and meaning of it anymore. Even when it comes to gender and role and positions in society, on the terms of the fact of how some people say it feels as if men and women are swapping roles that we expect them to function and operate well in or that we associate with them, especially and more in particular on the terms of leadership. With that, that comes on the terms of how we’re starting to see the rise of women take on the role of leadership and society, with that being a role we expect men to be more active in, although that is arguable and debatable, on the terms of the fact that some people will see it as a good thing for both women and men and then some people will see it as a bad thing for both women and men. Stemming off of that while staying on the gender point, even on the terms of behavior, things are heading in a backwards direction, on the terms of how some people say that it feels as if men have been emasculated and are becoming more feminine in behavior and women are becoming more masculinized and man-like in their behavior, although, just like with leadership, that’s arguable and debatable as well. However, to continue, even when it comes to just people in general on the terms of living in a society to where in which people only care about themselves and are taught how to look out for themselves and themselves only, a lot of the time, with that making it the case of where the average person wouldn’t support you if you lose everything or were stuck in a dead end, although part of that might stem from the fact that people wouldn’t know how to help you out of a drastic situation. However, to go further down the road from that, even when it comes to social injustices or social issues that still exist today that haven’t been overcame, dealt with or conquered, with some of them growing to be a major issue in certain places with examples such as racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination against people with disabilities and more. Even when it comes things such as catastrophic events that do life-threatening harm to people being on the rise, whether acts of terror or crime such as murder, gun crime, abuse and more. That shows you that nothing is going back into place or style unlike the person who came out with the statement said.

Secondly, with this being the only part of the statement that I agree with and that I think is the exception, on the terms of where it says that intelligence and morals isn’t a trend, yes, I will agree that, on a pop or socio-cultural scale, it isn’t a trend based off of the fact that, tying it in with education, in which is the broader and wider aspect more rather than just intelligence, we live in a society that doesn’t value off it anymore or to where people aren’t pursuing it as much as they should be. For the sake of the people who are currently reading this article to not get the wrong perception or confused, when I mean education or intelligence, I don’t mean it in the terms of academic education or linguistic intelligence, on the terms of going to institutions such as school, college and university so that you can be qualified, credible or successful in the land of employ-ability or world of work, taking in to consideration the fact that there are different forms of education and intelligence, with those being two of them, and that process and sequence of life that I just described being a part of it, because if I’m saying that in that case, I myself, would be wrong or it would a completely inaccurate statement that I would make, due to the fact that, in that case, people are valued off their education or people pursue it as much as they should be doing or as much as their required of, based on the fact that going after your education in that aspect is seen as or has been instilled and ingrained as the normal or only way of life or only way of living a very satisfactory, ordinary or successful life and if the truth be told it is.

However, when I state and use the term education and intelligence, I’m talking on the breach of existential education, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence with being the case of where you are aware of social issues that either happen around you or that happen in different places such as communities and environments all over the world or the issues that people go through and struggle with on a day-to-day basis. In that specific category, not many people out there in the word aren’t, or realistically and truthfully, have never been interested in pursuing their education or not many people are necessarily what you would call “intelligent” enough to handle and deal with issues in that area, again would no meaning to sound insulting or as if I’m trying to assassinate or defecate anybody’s character, but that is just the way it is. A lot of people in that case are full on ignorant and uneducated, with some that are that on a mind-blowing and unimaginable level. From what I’ve personally realized, and other people could probably testify to this or agree with it, plus it might sound obvious to say and might sound like common sense or common knowledge but however, just to say it, it’s only the case of where in which either when a person has experienced being the victim of discrimination or social injustice whether it be based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religious belief or anything else or has experienced a personal traumatic experience that changed them or altered there, whether it was them being neglected as a child and growing up without one or both parents in the home, them being a victim of abuse, whether it’s child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, them losing a relative or loved one, them being bullied or anything else that’s bigger or deeper than that, especially if it’s more than one or two times, from there, that will trigger the aspect of being aware of the social issues or just the world and society that we live period, but for some people it doesn’t and it takes them more than or two experiences even to finally get it and until finally sticks in their mind-set to do it.

However, if you were to state the truth, on the terms of what this society does value you off, even though I don’t like admitting this due to the fact that, I myself, have been on the short, bad or negative end of the stick of this and did affect my self-assurance or self-esteem at a certain point, however now, not as much, is looks and physical appearance. As a lot of us, if not all of us should know, with this society, it values people and judges people based off of the image, looks and physical appearance. People don’t even value you based off your personality and character or the way they see you treat other people. As long you have, what they see in their eyes, as being the right, suitable, attractive, intriguing or appealing image or appearance, it will draw them to you, in which, although is something that I personally don’t agree with from an overall perspective and on the terms of it being an issue that exists in our society, it can be true, necessary, essential and useful at times. However, it does have its limits, in which are a lot times, intangible. This, again, as a lot, if not all of us should know, as a result causes people to put emphasis or places value on external or tangible things whether it be material clothes, shoes, money, jewelry, cars and houses and more. With that being said, I won’t necessarily say that it’s a very materialistic culture and society that we currently live in, even though some people could argue and say that it is, but I will say is that people are becoming obsessed with and accumulated with material more and more, the youth and teenagers especially, with a contribution factor to that being that we live in a technology-filled and defined age, so that plus money can give them access to that.
However, going back to the process of disagreement with the statement, with this being the third and final point, on the terms of the part of the statement where it says “intelligence and morals becomes a trend again”, if I were to be personally honest, by applying this to myself, I feel mutual in regard with the person who said or wrote the statement, with that being that I do wish that trend would come back as well and I wish people would go back to embracing it, but however, to be honest and face reality, I don't think that's ever going to happen, based on the fact that we live in a society to where people are now pursuing and placing much more emphasis on entertainment, as I mentioned before, more rather than education. Being educated and intelligent in whatever aspect it is, whether it’s academic or existential and having morals and values, especially more in particular with it being personal morals, values and priorities, isn't seen as being cool anymore because people don't see any sort of fun, joy or high-paced activity within it. That specifically ties in on a social level on the terms of conversations and discussions or an example of this can take place in the form of conversations and discussions, with that meaning that if it’s the case of where in which you that type of person that likes to have intellectual, stimulating or philosophical conversations even, not many people today would want or be willing to participate with you in that, not necessarily based off of the fact that they’re not intellectual or intelligent enough to participate in it, in which with that, being a 50/50 chance, with that meaning that they might or might not be, but more so based off the fact that they would see it as being boring, tedious or time-consuming, with that taking into consideration the fact that we live in an era to where in which time is flying by very fast and to where things are speeding up at a fast pace, due to the fact that they feel as if it’s not full of life and energy. It's a very entertainment-obsessed society that we live in and in order to do stuff that is seen and perceived as being entertaining, if you were to do it at the highest level, you have to participate in stuff that is often times, very silly, nonsensical or obtuse. Not to say that people should constantly do this due to the fact that people do have their own lives to live and get own with and if it’s the case of where things are going on the rough road in their own personal and individual lives they, but it’s now the case of where in which people aren’t worried about what happens to human existence or are focused on propelling and progressing themselves into the next level or dimension of human civilization. Instead their just focused on living life in the “now” and in the moment, while not taking into consideration of what life hits them in the face with next.

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Easier Done Than Said: The Opposite Of "Easier Said Then Done"

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Hey Guys, here's a QUESTION that's on my mind. Try your best to come up with an answer for it. The question is this:
Opposite of the phrase "easier said than done", Name something that's EASY TO DO but HARD TO SAY on the terms of admitting that it's done or that people do it or that it exist in the world and society today
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